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What could be better than the “We Will Stand” event and DVD? How about thirty hours of interviews with your favorite artists like Amy, Smitty, Steven Curtis, Sandi, Petra, PC&D, The Imperials, and so many more! That’s right. During the “We Will Stand” rehearsals, we captured some amazing “behind-the-scenes” interviews that we want to share with you—and it’s FREE.

Just register your email address and we’ll send you a new video clip every Friday. I’m so excited to bring these exclusive videos to you! We captured stories you can’t find any place else—so many funny moments but also some very personal and inspiring insight from the singers who delivered the songs that have impacted so many lives.

My wife, Sue, and I have handpicked each clip with you in mind. Sign up today and let’s get started! And please share this opportunity with your friends. CCM has impacted millions of people over the years. Let’s invite a bunch of other folks to watch with us!

Stan Moser
Executive Producer
“We Will Stand” DVD and CD


Teresa Richter

Thank you

Sheral Foland
I was very Blessed with the concert I enjoyed playing my harmonica along with them
Merilyn Carter

I saw We Will Stand when it was shown on tv serveral weeks ago and reallyy enjoyed. There were singers on there that I haven’t heard in a long time.


Thank you !

David Lanza

God used this music to change my life FOREVER. Hallelujah !!!

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