BFF #2 "My Redeemer Lives"

It’s easy to see a great artist on stage and be intimidated by their talent, good looks, and what we imagine their life to be like. That’s mainly because we tend to compare our ‘circumstances’ with what we perceive their “off stage” lives must be like. But once in a while, a great performer gets the opportunity to “pull back the curtain” and reveal just how much they have to depend on God—just like us.

When I watched this video clip from Nicole C. Mullen (you know her most likely for her iconic song “My Redeemer Lives”), I was so encouraged as I heard her describe how Christian music has impacted her life—in the fun AND the hard times.

I hope this clip will encourage you to bring whatever you are dealing with (good or difficult) to the Lord one more time in prayer. In fact, once the video concludes, I encourage you to declare the lyrics of “My Redeemer Lives” out loud, no matter what you are facing.

Because the promises of God never, ever change.

He is present to meet your need and give you the endurance and perseverance needed to get you through (Hebrews 6:12). So whatever your circumstances you can sing along with Nicole, “I know My Redeemer lives!”

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