"Home Where I Belong" with Chris Christian & Brown Bannister

I began writing the “We Will Stand” book (the real story behind the artists and songs of the early CCM era), by interviewing more than 60 of my friends, colleagues and former competitors who built the CCM industry. One of my long time friends named Chris Christian was at the top of that list.


Chris and I began our friendship in 1975 and that relationship opened the door to some great CCM music including The Imperials best-selling albums, “Sail On” and “Heed The Call”), Amy Grant’s early albums, AND the very first Christian albums from BJ Thomas.

As Chris and Brown explain in this clip, we were all just getting started in the world of music and frankly, we “made it up as we went along” more than most people could imagine!

Be sure and listen for names like Pat Boone and Dogwood (which BTW included Steve Chapman of “Steve and Annie Chapman” fame) in this clip. As fans of CCM, you and I have been blessed by great producers like Brown and Chris, and I trust you will enjoy this amazing inside look at how BJ’s first CCM album, “Home Where I Belong,” was made.


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