BFF #5 "Nothing but the Truth" with 4Him

No matter how “big” your favorite CCM artist has become, they all had some humble beginnings. If you are a 4Him fan, you’re going to love this clip!

As you likely know, 4Him began with 4 guys who were a part of a group called Truth—the ultimate ‘road warrior’ CCM artist. Truth performed more than 300 concerts EVERY year and became the launching pad for so many of your favorites. For instance, Dick and Mel Tunney (First Call), Natalie Grant, Steve Green, and so many more). But, as the 4Him guys will tell you, being a part of Truth was not glamorous.

By the way, if you haven’t heard the name, Roger Breland, look him up on Google. He was the driving behind Truth. I still remember the absolute joy on Roger’s face as he invited concert goers to surrender their lives to Jesus, night after night.

Working with the 4Him guys on this event was a career highlight for me personally. I know you’ll get a great look at the personality of these 4 amazing men of God, and you’ll really enjoy hearing about how the name 4Him came to be. That’s a story I’d never heard before.






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