BFF #6 "One Message. Many Voices."

As my wife Sue and I look back on the entire experience of helping to create the “We Will Stand” event and products, we are constantly reminded of the vision the Lord gave us that is summarized with the CCM United tagline: “one Message, many voices.”

During this interview with our friends at CBN during the event, my friend of more than 40 years, Evie, provided an inside look at what the artists experienced during their time together at the event.

I hope you have watched the entire DVD of our event. If you have, I’m confident you noticed the very real sense of friendship and evidence of personal relationship among the artists on stage. That was not a “made for television” moment! This was a special time for these great recording artists, and as Evie explains, their personal support is an ongoing thing.

As you walk through your days, please remember: You are a part of CCM United as well. Add YOUR voice to the chorus of life. Join all of us in declaring the same MESSAGE: Jesus is alive, and He is still available, no matter what those around you are facing.

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