BFF #7 "Turn Up The Radio" with Phillips, Craig, & Dean

Some CCM groups are “planned” through years of hard work, and others clearly happen according to God’s PLAN! Randy Phillips, Dan Dean, and Shawn Craig (Phillips, Craig & Dean) are a perfect example of an “unplanned” CCM success story.

It all began when my friends Darrell Harris, Jeff Moseley, and I were running a label called Star Song. But I’ll let PC&D tell the story in today’s video clip.

However, as you watch this clip, I hope you will keep in mind two very basic truths:

  • When God calls you to do something, don’t let a detour or roadblock stop you, and
  • When God decides to use a godly friend (Jackie Patillo in this case) to help get you where He wants you to go, be sure you pay attention!

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with about every style of music you can imagine (Gospel, Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, Rap/HipHop, Metal, Rock, Hymns). But when I listen to music myself, PC&D is one of my all time favorites.

Great men. Great music. Great hearts for God, and fulltime senior pastors in their local churches at the same time. And it all began with an unexpected song!







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