BFF #10 "Praise the Lord!"

Bill Gaither once told me, “A good song is written, but a GREAT song is rewritten.” Well, that means I’ve heard a lot of “rewritten” songs during my 45-year career! There are so many great songs. In fact, that was the hardest part of creating the “We Will Stand” event and DVD. We had 2 hours for a program that would include the best songs of 40 years of music. Quite a task!

One song that simply HAD to make the list was “Praise the Lord.” In this clip, you’ll get to see Brown Bannister (who co-wrote “Praise the Lord” with Michael Hudson) talk with The Imperials and Russ Taff who took and still take that song to the world.

You will enjoy this behind the scenes look at the actual recording of that song, but more than that, pay close attention to the stories that Russ and Armond Morales tell about how “Praise the Lord” has impacted so many lives.

Possibly you are one of those who heard “Praise the Lord” at just the right time in your life. Or maybe you’re facing some very serious “reality” in your life right now. If you are “up against the struggle that has shattered all your dreams”, don’t hesitate! Get a version of that song and put it on your stereo, iPad, or phone and let this amazing gift from God do what it has done for nearly 40 years.



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